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The Tri-State Railway Historical Society is an all-volunteer group comprised of railroad enthusiasts and veterans, skilled craftsman, and historians and researchers who share a common love for railroading in the Garden State. Tri-State volunteers participate in all levels of the Society's existence, whether working on our historic rail equipment, planning our events, or developing fundraising ideas. If you want to get involved in preserving New Jersey's rich railroad heritage, contact us today, or read more below to see how you can help!

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Event Planning

Tri-State hosts a number of special events each year. Each of these events are planned by a dedicated team of volunteers. Ranging from train shows to picnics and from our annual Santa Train to our monthly meeting entertainment, these events are a great way for administratively-minded people to get involved in Tri-State's activities. Volunteers that can coordinate locations, advertising, and other contacts within the railroad preservation community are especially welcome.


The preservation work that Tri-State does would not be possible without the generous gifts of donors. Tri-State volunteers perform all of the fundraising work, whether its advertising projects to potential donors or working with the event planning volunteers to conduct a fundraising event (such as a train show). Volunteers that are particularly gifted in grant writing or sourcing funds for nonprofits are exceptionally valuable in this field.

Equipment Restoration

Tri-State owns a number of historic railcars that have been or are currently being restored by Tr-State volunteers. Even after the initial restorations, this equipment still requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Our skilled volunteers perform all but the heaviest repairs themselves, many of them learning the railroad trades by practicing with older, more experienced volunteers. The restoration of equipment is probably the easiest way for an inexperienced volunteer to get involved in Tri-State, as we can provide on-the-job training for nearly all aspects of railroad equipment maintenance.