DL&W Baggage Car #2038

2038 in fresh paint during a night photo shoot during Railroad Festival '94 in Whippany, NJ. Photo by Steve Barry.

No. 2038 represents a fleet of 75 60-foot baggage cars built by the Pressed Steel Car Company and acquired by the Lackawanna Railroad between 1925 and 1927.

The original 75 cars were configured for either baggage express, express messenger, or mail storage, and were used throughout the system between Hoboken and Buffalo.

DL&W No. 2038 was restored to its 1930s appearance of Pullman green with black roof, trucks, and underbody, and gold lettering in July of 1994. In September 2018, the car was moved from Madison, NJ to Boonton, NJ. The car will be refurbished for use by Operation Toy Train, as part of their annual toy collection train. The movement and necessary repairs, to return the car to operation, have been funded with a grant from Liberty Historic Railway.