The Block Line

The Block Line is Tri-State's membership publication, provided to Tri-State members four times a year either digitally or in print, depending on membership level. Additionally, print and digital copies are available for purchase online by members and non-members alike. If you want to contribute to our new magazine, please email our Publications Committee.

Tri-State regularly published The Block Line as a monthly membership-only newsmagazine from 1974 through 2004. This magazine now stands as a historical record of railroading developments and news from that time period, and all back issues prior to 2016 have been scanned and are available below for download and viewing. Regular production resumed with the Winter 2016 issue.

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ALL-TIME ARTICLE INDEX (1972 to present)

The full scanning of all of Tri-State's Block Line back issues (prior to 2016) was undertaken by Tri-State member Josh Kohler for his Eagle Scout project in the summer of 2015. Tri-State is deeply indebted to Josh and all of Boy Scout Troop 6 of Caldwell, NJ for all of their hard work to make this digital archive of northeastern railroading history available to the public!