Erie Training Car #10

Erie Safety & Training Car #10 is a one-of-a-kind piece of railroad equipment that was used to familiarize employees with the operation of train and cab controls, as well as air brake and electrical systems of various types of diesel-electric locomotives in use at the time. Besides housing actual locomotive cab and brake stands, the rest of the car was used for classroom seating for presentations and instructions.

This car was originally built as Erie Railroad coach #2204, one of the first order of steel through-line coaches on the Erie. These cars, while following some of the design patterns of the earlier "Stillwell" cars, were the first noticeable change in Erie passenger car development in a number of years.

This particular car was chosen to be refurbished as museum car #1104 for the Erie's Centennial Exhibition Train, commemorating the Erie's 100th birthday in 1951. With no further museum use, the #1104 entered the shop again and emerged in April 1953 as safety & training car #10, replacing an earlier car that had been built from a doodlebug. One of the original trucks from this doodlebug was reused under the new #10, and is still under the car today.

The #10 toured the Erie extensively, making stops at a variety of familiar railroad towns, including: Binghamton, Hornell, and Salamanca, NY; Meadville and Scranton, PA; Youngstown, Cleveland, Akron, and Marion, OH; Huntington and Hammond, IN; and Chicago, IL. The car continued in service after the 1960 merger of the Erie Railroad and Lackawanna Railroad to form the Erie Lackawanna, and remained in service until shortly after the 1976 formation of Conrail.

#10 was sold to the Tri-State Railway Historical Society in January 1986. Partially restored and repainted by Tri-State in the late 1980s, this car is in stable condition and stored on a siding in Madison, NJ. It awaits a full restoration.

The first Erie training car #10 was rebuilt from an old doodlebug. Seen here in Passaic, NJ on August 5, 1947, this car was part of the Erie's Centennial Exhibition Train, which also included coach #1104. At the conclusion of the exhibition, coach #1104 was chosen to replace this car as the Erie's training car. However, one of the trucks from this former doodlebug was reused under the new #10, and is still under the car today. (Erie company photograph, Tri-State Railway Historical Society collection)

This August 7, 1950 letter was written by E. E. Seise of the Erie to M. Sudheimer of the EMD Educational Section, inquiring about potential screen and projector setups for Erie #10. (Tri-State Railway Historical Society collection)

This late 1950s photo shows Erie #10 in its one-of-a-kind paint scheme. (Rich Tubbs collection)

On a crisp December 1, 1973 in Marion, OH, Erie Lackawanna #10 (on the left) is joined by Erie Lackawanna #24, a steam generator car converted from an old Erie Stillwell coach. (Mike Woodruff photo)