Lackwanna 663 Fired Up: Part 1

This weekend, Tri-State volunteers headed to Steamtown National Historic Site to initiate the final repairs on our Lackawanna-painted F3 and get it running for this year's excursion season. For the first time in several years, Tri-State shook off the dust and had the engine running, albeit stationary.

No. 663 has been down for heavy repairs for the past three years, and the engine now has a newly rebuilt main generator and air compressor. Last year, the Steamtown shop installed and aligned the main generator and positioned the air compressor. Mechanics hired by Tri-State verified that Steamtown shop did an excellent job aligning the generator, and they tested the engine up to notch 8 on the throttle and ensured it was well-balanced. 

Next weekend's project will be to install and line up 663's rebuilt air compressor. At that point, an FRA inspection will be all that is left to get 663 on the road for the summer. Check out the photos below to see the process! Click here to read more about 663.