CANCELLED - Tri-State Train Show

This has been a busy year for the Tri-State Railway Historical Society. We've restored Lackawanna F3A #663 to operation at Steamtown National Historic Site, and made great strides towards the restoration of our Erie bay window caboose #C330. With overwhelming public support, we were able to purchase and repair Morristown & Erie C-424 #19, thereby preserving the first operating diesel locomotive in New Jersey in over two decades.

However, the Tri-State Train Show has not been met with the same level of public enthusiasm. Despite enhanced efforts by our events team, responses to our advertising for both attendees and dealers/vendors have been very weak. 

As an organization, Tri-State believes in doing everything 110%. Running our train show with a lack of dealers, attendees, or support would be a detriment to our hobby and Tri-State's mission. As a result, Tri-State's board has made the difficult decision to postpone the Tri-State Train Show until further notice.

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