Cleaning the C-424

Before and after comparison photos.

Before and after comparison photos.

Morristown & Erie No. 19 spent nine years, and several sporadic occasions thereafter, in dedicated service at the Bayway Refinery in Linden, NJ. The dirty environment of the east coast oil refiner took its toll on No. 19's appearance. Years of grit and road grime accumulated atop the locomotive's 1988 paint job. The locomotive's bright, glossy red paint soon turned to a chalky, dull pinkish color.

Upon taking receipt of No. 19, and after accepting an invitation to attend RailFest 2017, Tri-State volunteers determined to give the engine a long overdue cleaning. The stubbornness of the Bayway grime necessitated a combination of degreaser, soap and water, scuffing, power washing, and a whole lot of determination. Slowly but surely, and inch by inch, the old red paint began to show itself. A thorough buffing with an industrial grade compound truly breathed new life into the old red paint. 

The locomotive's lettering was also worn and battered from years of exposure to the harsh elements. Tri-State retained Walter Myers, the man who lettered the locomotive in 1988, to touch up the lettering. Myers, a professional sign painter, repainted all of the lettering in a single day... and solely by hand!

We thank all of our dedicated volunteers who made the cleaning of M&E No. 19 possible.