Tri-State's New Workshop Arrives at Boonton Yard

Tri-State took delivery of new 20-foot shipping container at Boonton Yard on Saturday, June 16. This container will now serve as Tri-State's storage shed and workshop, opening up space in the Erie C330, which until recently was home to the restoration team's tools and equipment.

Having secure storage and work space in Boonton opens up new opportunities for Tri-State. It allows the group to expand upon the growing collection of tools which help carry out projects, and allows us to keep inventory of parts which are use for restoration projects and keep 19 operational.

This purchase is part of the many improvements that Tri-State has been making to Boonton Yard for the benefit of volunteers who work on Tri-State and URHS projects. Tri-State recently brought an on-site restroom to the facility, and with the new container in place, will have an outdoor sink installed. The group plans to prioritize more amenities that will improve the volunteer experience in Boonton.

Plans are to give the container a new paint job with Tri-State signage and to install the very-necessary ventilation.